Best UK Business Internet Providers

The Internet has become a necessity that cannot be ignored due to its vital importance in the success of business. Businesses use the internet as a tool for marketing and communication. Today every business has been forced to adopt to technology if growth is one of their goals and an objective. Finding the right internet provider that suits your business needs while focusing on reliability, customer support, area coverage and cost can be a difficult task since there are many ISP providers with attractive packages.

Here are the best internet providers who have the best reviews and enjoy a huge market share in the UK.

Talk Talk

TalkTalk is one of the top internet for business providers in the UK with a good customer support and pocket-friendly packages. TalkTalk offers unlimited internet in its three packages which and also comes with an enhanced security which is good news for every business. Here are the broadband deals that TalkTalk offers to their clients. Each business packages comes with a secure and free email service know as TalkTalk mail.

Simply broadband.

This package is ideal for sole traders and small business who have light weight internet usage. The package has speeds of up to 17 Mbps which is unlimited for the whole month. This will cost your business £3.75 a month for the next 18 months, and + £17.70 monthly line rental.

Fibre Medium broadband package

This package is ideal for small business and medium-sized business who require extra speeds in their business. The package has speeds of up to 38 Mbps which is unlimited for the whole month. The cost that your business will incur will be you £10 a month for 12 months after that, + £17.50 monthly

Fibre Large

For medium size businesses and large businesses that require high speeds and have a large number of workers, this package is ideal for them. With 76 Mbps internet speeds the business can do much everything from video conferencing to sending a large number of files.

BT Broadband

BT over than offering sports packages to UK residents it provides broadband connections to residential houses as well as businesses. Their internet packages are super-fast, very reliable and have extensively covered the whole region with over five million hotspots. Here are their three main broadband packages that they offer.

Unlimited broadband

For micro business and small business, this will be the best option to consider since its unlimited and pocket-friendly to the business in terms of cost. It comes with up to 17 Mbps which will cost the business £4.50 a month. You will also be interested to know that BT offers online protection from malware and cyber-related crimes such as phishing through their BT Net Protect security plan. Being a BT customer has an additional advantage to your business since they also offer 100 GB cloud storage for free which a business can use to store files and other important documents.

Unlimited Infinity 1

This package is ideal for medium size businesses with speeds of up to 52 Mbps. They charge £9.50 a month which is a bit cheap compared to other internet providers with such speeds. You also get to enjoy their Netprotect security plan and 100 GB BT cloud storage.

Unlimited Infinity 2

For those large businesses with more than 10 staff and require high internet speeds, this is the package for you. The package has speeds of up to 76 Mbps which has no limit on how much the business can use. This will cost the business £25 a month. Additional free incentives that BT offers to Infinity 2 customers is 500 GB BT cloud storage and a BT Netprotect Plus security plan


Verizon is another Isp provider that has served the United kingdom people over the years. From the reviews and customer feedback, they suggest that the internet provider is reliable and also affordable. Verizon through FiOS offers businesses and individuals a super-fast fiber optic Internet. Here are some of their packages.

50/50 Mbps package

This package is perfect for micro businesses, small business and medium size businesses that are not heavy users of the internet. It will cost your business $49.99 a month for speeds of up to 50 Mbps. With such speeds, you can send emails, large files and Skype with your clients.

100/100 Mbps package

With speeds of 100 Mbps, any type of business can use this package. If your business has got 7 PC, this package can serve the seven personal computers without affecting the speed in each of them. To enjoy this package your business will be required to pay $59.99 a month.

150/150 Mbps package

This package is perfect for every business regardless of its size. With speeds of 150 Mbps, there is nothing one can’t do with such high speeds. These speeds will cost your business $ 69.99 a month.

300/300 Mbps package

This is one of their super package which is ideal for massive internet users. The speeds of up to 300 Mbps is what you get for $169.99 a month. Business with large work of up to 300 workers can subscribe to this package.

500/500 Mbps package

The ultimate package that Verizon has offers 500 Mbps for $ 269.99 a month. It’s ideal for businesses with a large workforce of more than 500 staff.

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Xnl Telcom


XNL caters for business since they understand how important it is for businesses to stay connected. They have super fast internet, offer a free email address and free setup and a router. Some of their packages are

XNL 40 basic package

The package will cost your business £6.50 for six months every month and line rental of £16.95/month. After six months you will be paying £35.45 .the package comes with speeds of up to 38 Mbps, unlimited broadband usage, multiple email addresses for your business and a free plug and play router. It’s ideal for small businesses and medium sized business as well.

XNL 40 Max package

You will be required to pay £16.50 for six months and line rental of £16.95/month. After six months period has elapsed you will be paying a total of £45.45 every month for this package. Speeds are up to 38 Mbps, and there is no limitation on how you will utilize the Internet.In addition you can make unlimited calls to any mobile or landline in the UK. The installation and set up is also free and comes with free online security as well.

XNL 80 Basic package

For just £11.50 every month in the next six months, you can enjoy 76 Mbps speeds and line rental £16.95 each month. After that, you’re required to pay £40.45 every month in this package. The package also comes with a plug and play décor which is free and multiple email accounts for your business.

XNL 80 Max package

This package will cost your business £21.50 for the next six months and £16.95 for line rental every month. After the six months, and the discount period elapses you’re required to pay £50.45 for 76 Mbps.

In addition to the internet, you will get unlimited UK landline and mobile calls, free setup and installation, and a free plug and play router.

When settling for a broadband provider analyze the terms and conditions of the contract since most of the packages are based on addition look at their geographical coverage and most importantly their customer support.

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