Where To Find Cheap office space in the UK


Every business at some point requires a physical address for the purpose of credibility. Looking for great value cheap office space can be a tedious and frustrating process. When searching for a cheap but ideal office space here are some few tips to guide along in your cause.

Look for a traditional unfurnished office rental on a long-term lease since it’s cheap or go for the sharing option

When searching for an affordable office space look at the ones available away from city centers and in a developing area

Look for a smaller space for the office since the smaller the space, the cheaper it gets

Eliminate what you don’t need in the office like kitchens, rooms with views showers and other luxuries.


This remarkable city has undergone a regeneration of economic renaissance due to the huge investments channeled to its development amounting to more than 3 billion pounds. Due to this economic rebirth, the city has witnessed a dramatic revival with the increase in commercial properties available for rent and a growing commercial district. Regardless of the economic boom Liverpool still remains one of the cheapest places to run your business and secure a cheap retail space in the UK. As a business person you might get worried by the state of transport infrastructure but worry no more since the city is well connected by road, air, rail and port. In addition to that skilled labor is available which is relatively cheaper than other cities. This city is a perfect place to rent an office and has good signs of great future ahead.


London is the heart of United Kingdom since it’s the city where international business is carried out and has more than 8.7 million residents. Globally the city is the fifth largest economy. Everything is located In London from infrastructure to very skilled human resource staff making it the most attractive city in the United Kingdom to set up a business. Although there is high demand for offices in the city which in turn leads to high prices of office space you can still get cheap office space for your business irrespective of the type office you require. Whether is west London East London or any other part of the city you will find office space ranging from £90 and above depending on the type of office.

Edinburgh Central

This the capital city of Scotland and a sanctuary of wonderful architecture which have earned it the status of World Heritage Site. Conducting your business in this magnificent city would be a wise idea since it’s one of the fastest developing and most productive cities in the United Kingdom. It’s a hub for nearly all sectors of the economy ranging from financial services, technology and software, creative industry, tourism and others. Renting a retail space in this city depending on the nature of the office whether serviced or unserviced would cost you an estimate of £75+ per month.

Birmingham  City

Positioned at the center of England and connected to the rest of United Kingdom by the good transport links Birmingham is ideal for any is not only the second most populous city in the UK but also it holds position nine in Europe as most populous. In this city, you will find cheap office space to rent on flexible leases. There are also high-end serviced offices, single desks and shared offices hence catering everyone’s needs. You might wonder why consider Birmingham over London? The truth is Birmingham offers everything that you will get in London from networking opportunities, good business environment to international city surroundings. Another great advantage of renting an office in this area it’s because things are comparatively cheap compared to London yet it’s just a 2-hour drive to London.


If you travel North West of Birmingham, a district by the name Cannock is located there. Here you will have many choices when it comes to renting a cheap office space for your business needs. If you hate big cities with lots of traffic, then Cannock will serve you well since it’s a bit green and offers more space.So why choose Cannock? There are various perfect reasons such as its just 20 miles from Birmingham, has good transport network and it’s a medium sized town with all the facilities that you require in it. The office space options available range from cheap desk rental, traditional unfurnished office, shared offices to serviced offices. With good internet access, you can book an office space online in Cannock.

Brierley Hill

This town as well is witnessing economic regeneration hence there is an availability of cheap office space for rent. The town is heavily industrialized, a commercial center and a business hub. Brierley Hill in relation to other towns it’s strategically positioned since its just 3 closer to central Dudley and Stourbridge. The office options available in this area range from executive serviced office spaces, cheap, flexible desks to traditional unfurnished office space.


The town is positioned in the heart of Midlands in the Staffordshire district of Lichfield. Fazeley offers businesses or individuals who are looking for a cheap office space a rental opportunity. This area has rich industrial history and its ideal for any type of business. The office options available are shared offices, serviced offices and traditional unfurnished spaces.

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How To Run A Uk Business From Abroad

Many people who live outside United Kingdom (UK) and are non-UK residents normally enquire whether it’s possible to set a Uk business from abroad and run it smoothly from their country of residence. Most of them have no idea on how to open a business in a foreign country especially in the United Kingdom. The good news to these non-UK residents and overseas investors is that in the United Kingdom you’re not limited on the basis of being a non-resident from owning and setting up your business in the UK. That means whether you are a director, shareholder or a secretary you can be able to own and manage your company from anywhere on the planet. However, you need to be familiar with some things that are a requirement as stipulated by law in Companies Act 2006 which governs the registration of business in the United Kingdom.

When setting and running a business in the UK, you can opt to outsourcing the services of a business or rather company registration agents or do it you self personally. Below are basic requirements that you might need when registering a foreign business in the United Kingdom on a personal level.

What you need to know

These are some of the basic needs you need to be familiar with.

1. Business structure

If you want to set up a business in the Uk, you must first make a decision on the kind of structure your business will form. The most common business structures in the country are sole traders, limited companies, and business partnerships.

2. Requirements

The following documents need to be submitted to Companies House for verification and approval upon registration of business in the United Kingdom

  1. you have to complete a registration form which is called form OS INO1
  2. a fee of £20 is needed as part of registration
  3. A certified copy of the company’s constitutional documents
  4. A copy of the company’s latest set of accounts
  5. Details of directors, secretaries or persons authorized to accept service or represent the company
  6. United Kingdom establishment name, address or the business activities

3. Hire Agents

Agents in the United Kingdom offer their business registration services to individuals, professional intermediates, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. They advise their clients on the best business legal entity that suits them and save them the time which they have to spend while researching or contemplating different options. When you choose to outsource their services below are some of the services they offer to their clients which might range from £100- £1000

  • Incorporation of the UK Company
  • Filing of fees for company house annual return
  • Virtual office services
  • Maintenance of statutory books
  • VAT registration
  • Director’s service address
  • Provision of office address
  • A UK domain
  • Nominee shareholder provision
  • Nominee company secretary
  • Provision of a reputable accountant
  • Full mail forwarding service

4. So what’s the business startup ideas in the UK?

The best business startup ideas in the UK are under these categories below

  1. Entertainment and gaming
  2. Web solutions
  3. General consumer
  4. Human performance, health, and wellness
  5. General Analytics
  6. Security

5. Internet connection is vital

When running a UK business from abroad, you certainly require a reliable internet connection for the daily management and monitoring of the business. You need to skype with your employees daily, conduct virtual meetings and provide timely answers to actions. The Internet therefore becomes a basic necessity and an essential tool which influences the success of your cause. In the States you can use Comcast login to email your clients.

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How To Get a Small Business Loan

Often SMEs that have growth potential and vision to move to a new phase of development require an influx of capital in order to achieve their objective. Today, securing a business loan and financial backing as a small business it’s a bit easy than how the situation was few years’ back. The market for business loans has changed dramatically over the years paving the way for more alternative financial lenders to join the market to meet the rising demand which was mostly dominated by banks alone. So how do you secure a loan from any financial institution? In today’s business landscape there is multitude of ways to do this as listed below.

Head to your bank

Banks will offer you money in two ways namely loans and overdrafts depending on several factors that are obvious such as track record of profitability, sufficient assets to act as security, solid cash flow, and personal collateral. The reason why you should always start with your bank as the number one option to get a small business loan it’s because your bank recognizes your creditworthiness hence it’s easier to get a loan.

Consider all the options available

Small businesses searching for loans should not only be relying on the banks as their only option and possible root to finance. Having an open mind is vital especially to startups or small businesses that are on the verge of growing and expanding their operations. They should consider all available options for funding and loan facilities that have today emerged to cater for the small businesses even the ones that have no adequate security for a loan.

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Define your income streams

For startups and small business raising finances sometimes becomes a challenge and a difficult of the best effective ways to increase your chances of securing a loan is proving your business has clearly defined income streams. This will show the credibility of your business and the capacity to honor their terms of lending. If you want to get money from these lending institutions, prove to them that you’re capable of servicing your loan or else it will be very tough to persuade the bank to part with their money.

Well written business plan

A well-prepared business plan is vital to the success of getting a small business loan and it’s very essential when approaching a financial lending institution. The way you deliver the business plan and present to the financial lender can determine your chance of accessing finance. So take your time and write a well realistic business plan

Attest your management ability

Small business owners more often tend to forget that financial institutions analyze the track record and management ability to determine whether someone is eligible for a loan. Your management team should be skilled to prove to the financial institution your ability to manage their capital

Be Honest with potential lenders

Being honest with our own selves and our conscience is always the right thing. You achieve nothing when you hide the financial history of your business as you apply for a loan. Most financial lenders will require some reports to support your loan request thus lying is not an option to consider. Just be honest to potential lenders regardless of your situation since there is always an option in every situation.

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Great UK Home Internet Providers To Run your Business

With good internet connection running a business from any part of the continent has become an easy thing. Internet has revolutionized the way business is run in the world we are living today. The presence of the manager to oversee and supervise company activities and workers is no longer needed since the internet can aid in that activity. With the internet, the manager can install employee monitoring software which can be used in telephone tapping, video surveillance, location monitoring, and delegate all the tasks from any location in the world. To be able to achieve the maximum benefit of internet you need a reliable internet provider with good speeds that meet all your needs. Here are some of the best-known internet providers you should start with that have a good track record and excellent customer services.


This is one of the leading internet provider in the United Kingdom and has massive subscribers connected to it for a reason. They offer unlimited broadband packages, there reliable and have the best customer support representatives that will attend to your needs almost instantly. Here are some of their packages that can suit any business owner.

Unlimited package

As a supervisor, this package is ideal for your personal needs like daily monitoring of your employees. With £13.49 every month for the next 18 months, you’re entitled to 17 Mbps internet speeds. With such speeds, you can answer all your emails, send files, and do much more.

Unlimited fiber package

This package offers clients speeds of up to 38 Mbps which is ideal for video streaming and skypes calling. To install and run the internet it will cost you £17.49 a month and a line rental which is based on a contract valid for 18 months.

Unlimited fiber extra

This is their ultimate package which of course is the fastest than the will cost you £22.49 a month and a line rental as well. Your subscription is entitled to speeds of up to 76 Mbps, and the package is under a contract of 18 months.

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TalkTalk Broadband

TalkTalk broadband is one of the best affordable internet providers in the United Kingdom that offer unlimited broadband and has enhanced security with its home safe network level to control your children activity on the web. Here are some of their packages you can analyse and determine which suits your needs best.

Simply broadband.

This package is ideal for running any type of business especially the small and medium-sized businesses. If your business just requires the internet for the purposes of sending light weight files to clients over email and regular web surfing, this is the package for you. The package has speeds of up to 17 Mbps that will cost you £3.75 every month for 18 months and an additional £17.70 monthly line rental.

Fibre Medium package

The package is ideal for medium sized companies and businesses that may require the internet to run their online stores and other activities such as marketing. The package has speeds of up to 38 Mbps which is unlimited for a month and will cost your business £10 every month for the next 12 months and an additional £17.50 for the line rental

Fibre Large package

This is their ultimate package with high internet speeds of up to 76 Mbps. It’s ideal for large businesses that have a huge number of staff. When you subscribe to this package you are eligible for free to free calls to other TalkTalk subscribers and your internet security is more enhanced

Bt Broadband provider

If you’re looking for internet provider that has a wide coverage in the United Kingdom, then BT should be on top of your selection. With over 5 million hotspots scattered all over United Kingdom BT has established its dominance and covered the UK in an extensive way. Their packages are super fast for any kind of tasks and very effective for every task. Have a look at some of their packages and analyse which suits your business needs

Unlimited broadband

This package has speeds of up to 17 Mbps which will cost the account of your business £ 12 month. A line rental is also charged at a price of £18.99 per month. They also offer their customers 100 GB BT cloud storage and an advanced BT Net Protect Internet security.

Unlimited Infinity 1

Unlimited Infinity 1 package has speeds of up to 52 Mbps which you can utilize all month since it’s unlimited. The cost of the package is £10.99 every month and also an additional £18.88 per month is required to cater for line rental. When you subscribe to this package, you will be needed to pay £49 as an activation fee. You also get to enjoy 100 GB BT cloud storage and their advanced Net protect security system.

Unlimited Infinity 2

The fastest in relation to internet speeds that BT Company offers their clients its Infinity 2 package with speeds of up to 76 Mbps which is not limited. The cost of the package is £30 every monthly and an additional £18.99 is required every monthly for a rental line. You will also get 500 GB BT cloud storage and an advanced online security .with this package there is no an activation fee.

Note all packages are entitled to the free UK to UK weekend calls and free BT Sport TV

Orange Broadband

Orange is not only one of the affordable internet providers in the United Kingdom but also the only provider with fastest 4G speeds and covers nearly 70 % of the United Kingdom. It’s cheap and has one of the best deals for individuals and businesses as well

Broadband package

This package is ideal for business with one to five employees and comes with unlimited broadband usage, 5 GB EE mobile data and you can make calls to landlines on weekends. The speed of the package is 17 Mbps which will cost your pockets £10 every month, and an additional £17.50 is applicable for line rent.

Fibre Broadband package

For the first 18 months, you will pay £10 for 38 Mbps speeds. After 18 months period elapses you will be required to pay £16 every month for the internet. Being a subscriber you will get 5GB EE mobile data and free weekend calls as well.

Don’t just look at the price as a measure of determining which internet provider to choose. Evaluate their terms and conditions, their contract, customer support and features attached with every package before making that decision.

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Cheap Ways To Get Your Financial Administration done

Get Your Financial Administration done


For your business to succeed an organized and accurate bookkeeping must be practiced. Keeping all records of expenses and income is imperative to practice for the purpose of accountability. You need to be informed where you stand financially on daily weekly and on a monthly basis. Knowing your financial status on a regular basis will help you meet your financial obligations and goals as well. Failure of this critical knowledge means you’re not in control of the business which mostly in these situations the business end up collapsing.

Hiring a financial administrator is very vital since they can ease the burden of dealing with bookkeeping which helps you focus on other matters related to business growth. But not all business can afford the salary that financial administrators usually get. A financial administrator salary ranges from £18000- £20000 per year that means on every month your small business will have to pay an average of £1500 salary to its financial administrator. This kind of amount most probably small business cannot afford, but fortunately, there are other cheaper options that a small business can go for and achieve the same objective. Here are some few ones

The cheapest way is doing your own bookkeeping

Not every small business can afford even to hire a part-time financial administrator, so the only option that the small business owner has is to learn how to do bookkeeping. In today’s world of technology, there are free courses online that any business owner can enroll and sharpen his or her bookkeeping skills and most importantly learn how things are done with these free resources.

Hiring a part-time bookkeeper and an accountant

Hiring a professional freelancer part time bookkeeper can be a cheap option for a small business. They usually charge around £15-£20 per hour. They will record all your expenses and income, file tax returns, prepare your financial statements and support accountants with preparations of an end of year financial statements. Part-time accountants will conduct financial audits, reporting, and analysis and most importantly offer you financial advice.

Setting up a bookkeeping system

The importance of a bookkeeping system to a business is that a business can keep accurate records of all financial transactions. This will help you keep track of all financial activities of the business, ease the process of securing a loan, pay your taxes and help you to make a comprehensive report of your business at the end of the year. The cost of a bookkeeping system is less than £300

Get an accounting software

Mostly the design of these software’s are meant to meet the needs of all types of businesses starting with sole traders to large businesses. An accounting software will invoice customers on your behalf, analyse how your business is performing, calculate your VAT, manage your budget and manage your income and expenses. These software’s some are free, and others will charge you less than £600.

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10 Steps To Starting a UK Business

Starting a business requires careful planning, analyzing every business idea you have, making critical financial decisions, and familiarizing yourself with legal structures and laws of the land. These 10 steps will guide you in your preparation of starting a UK business.

1. Conduct a market research

Field research should be the first step when analyzing your market since it will determine the success or failure of the business. It assists you in the allocation of resources, shapes the marketing strategy, gives you a clear view of your target market, provides information regarding the pricing of what you have to offer and alters your business idea to fit in with the outcome of your research. An effective market research plan comprises of two components which are field research and desk research. When you’re researching secondary data from the internet or on books, that is desk research. Field research is carried out when you physically go out in the field, talk with customers, and get primary data from real clients. This research is fundamental since it reveals essential facts that were not uncovered by the desk research. The best and most efficient methods of market research you can apply are observation, face to face interviews, use of focus groups and market research surveys.

2. Business structure matters

The second item in your business startup checklist should be determining the business structure which you’re going to adopt. A business structure is paramount since it influences the funding and other aspects of business. In the United Kingdom, you have four options, a sole trader, partnership, a limited company or limited liability partnership (LLP)

Sole trader

When you’re a sole trader, you have no obligation to consult with anyone regarding the decisions your making. Everything you make, it’s all yours and all the risks as well.


Partnerships are as a result of two individuals who have come together with a common goal to do business. Such kind of structure requires agreements that act as a guide on how to conduct business.

Incorporating a limited liability company (Ltd)

When you incorporate your business means you have to register it with Companies House as required by the United Kingdom law and same case applies to LPP

Incorporating a limited liability partnership (LLP)

These types of companies are suited to professional services companies. They are an integration of a limited liability company and a partnership

3. Choose a name of your business

When starting an own business, you need to pick a name and it’s the most important third thing to consider. This important decision has to be carefully analyzed and approached in a manner that won’t affect your business in a negative way. In relation to this statement remember your brand is of vital importance. A business name should be memorable, reflects your business and simple to understand.

4. Create a business Logo

Today every business is taking advantage of the technology to communicate a lot about itself to the consumer in as little time as possible and one of the most efficient way to achieve this is by ensuring your logo clearly denotes your business. Logos are not just for the purpose of achieving a professional look but usually communicate to the customer what industry your business deals with and the personality of your brand. Lack of a logo may lead to missing significant business opportunities.

5. Get a loan

Whether you need overdraft cash, buying more equipment, refinancing your business or any financial need the banks are there for you. All you need is a business bank account, some security, and your business should have been in existence for 12 months which varies from bank to bank. In the UK many banks have packages tailored for small businesses and startup businesses that have a turnover of less than £2 million. The government as well has start up loans for supporting small businesses which any business that is eligible should take advantage of.

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6. Get an accountant

Accountants are important in the growth and success of your business. They can do more than just handle the payroll and tax returns. Accountants are useful in every stage of business from the development of a business plan since they can use accounting software to sum up financial projections hence you are able to come up with a realistic business plan.

7. Choosing an office space

An ideal office space is influenced by the type of business you’re going to set up. Everyone in the office from your staff to your customers should be comfortable wherever they are. The primary factor that you should take into account while choosing an office is how you’re planning to utilize it. The location of the office or the business should also be another factor to consider when starting a business.

8. Determine the right kind of software

When setting up any business today, you need software’s that will increase productivity, evaluate productivity and also perform other business functions. Some of the software’s that are basic are accounting software, office suite, and business intelligence and enterprise software, customer relationship management (CRM).Remember to buy original software’s for your business in order to avoid problems with the law.

9. Legal issues you should be familiar with

When starting any business in the UK, it’s advisable to learn and familiarize yourself with laws and regulations that are involved in starting a business. There are tax laws that you must know, employment regulations, intellectual property law, digital regulations and insurance.

10. Other things key things to consider

Every business today is exploring all marketing avenues to reach more customers and one of them is online. Your business should also take advantage of this huge number of online users since some of them might be your clients and others, potential customers, as well. Having a website that is SEO optimized and compatible with all devices would also increase your chances of success. For you to succeed you al

Best UK Banks for Small Businesses

Best UK Banks for Small Businesses

Every business owner needs as much resources and support to grow and thrive and there is no better place to turn to for assistance than their bank. Choosing the right bank that offers favorable terms in relation to interest rates, the convenience of banking, repayment mode, processing speed, and has great customer support and service can be a tedious task yet it’s vital to the success of your business. Fortunately below is a business banking comparison list of some of the best banks in the United Kingdom that have been widely voted as the best when it comes to serving small businesses. All these banks below have one thing in common, free banking accounts.

Santander Bank

This is one of the best banks for small business in the United Kingdom. It’s great for a quick short term and long term financing as businesses can borrow between £500 – £25,000 if they need a cash flow. The repayment period is between 1-5 years and fixed rates apply which is normally between 7%-12% p.a for such business loans. A business could also be investing in equipment’s, and the bank can as well finance them with an option of low fixed monthly repayments. And the best part about the bank is you can apply for loans online or even with your phone as they have business internet banking option.

Cooperative Bank

The cooperative bank is another bank that caters the needs of startup and small business in the United Kingdom. If your business requires borrowing cash over the short term, the bank offers a fixed rate loan and an overdraft to businesses. A small business can borrow between  £2,500 to £25,000 which is repayable over a period of 1-5 years. The best part about the bank is they can offer loans which are unsecured to businesses and all they ask is 1% of the loan amount as arrangement fees. If a business requires an overdraft, they can borrow up to £250,000 and again they can be unsecured. The cooperative bank offers businesses fixed interest rates, fixed monthly installments and loans can be repaid between 1- 5 year. To be eligible to borrow all you need is a business current account with them, have a running business, a resident in the UK, and you’re over 18 years.

Metro Bank

This is a bank that loves to nurture small businesses with support whether they require short-term cash flow, long-term cash flow, buying more equipment and buying business property to thrive and expand. They offer small businesses loans and overdrafts that range from £2,000 to £25,000 with a fixed and variable rate. Repayments of loans and overdrafts are over a period of 1-5 years, and there is no arrangement fees. All you require to qualify is a Metro Bank Business bank account, community current account or a current commercial account. Sometimes they will ask you for the security of the loans and other times they might not.

Royal Bank of Scotland RBS

At RBS you will get a startup and a small financing business package that is meant for businesses that have been trading for less than a year and have an annual turnover of less than one million. You can borrow a loan that ranges between £500 -£25,000 which is repayable over a period of 1-5 years. You can as well go for fee-free overdraft which is up to £250,000.your also entitled as a small business free banking accounts, and they do have business internet banking. To be eligible as a small business your required to be a resident in the UK, your age is over 18 years, You have a business current account with the, and your address must be in UK, Gibraltar, Channel Islands and your also registered as a tax payer. Truly this is one of the best banks for small business.

To owners of small businesses in the UK, the choice of the bank they choose is a vital component which determines their success. A bank can be the bridge between growth and thriving of any particular business. These banks that have been listed above in this banking comparison are the best lenders that offer excellent financial services to small businesses in the United Kingdom.

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Best UK Business Internet Providers

The Internet has become a necessity that cannot be ignored due to its vital importance in the success of business. Businesses use the internet as a tool for marketing and communication. Today every business has been forced to adopt to technology if growth is one of their goals and an objective. Finding the right internet provider that suits your business needs while focusing on reliability, customer support, area coverage and cost can be a difficult task since there are many ISP providers with attractive packages.

Here are the best internet providers who have the best reviews and enjoy a huge market share in the UK.

Talk Talk

TalkTalk is one of the top internet for business providers in the UK with a good customer support and pocket-friendly packages. TalkTalk offers unlimited internet in its three packages which and also comes with an enhanced security which is good news for every business. Here are the broadband deals that TalkTalk offers to their clients. Each business packages comes with a secure and free email service know as TalkTalk mail.

Simply broadband.

This package is ideal for sole traders and small business who have light weight internet usage. The package has speeds of up to 17 Mbps which is unlimited for the whole month. This will cost your business £3.75 a month for the next 18 months, and + £17.70 monthly line rental.

Fibre Medium broadband package

This package is ideal for small business and medium-sized business who require extra speeds in their business. The package has speeds of up to 38 Mbps which is unlimited for the whole month. The cost that your business will incur will be you £10 a month for 12 months after that, + £17.50 monthly

Fibre Large

For medium size businesses and large businesses that require high speeds and have a large number of workers, this package is ideal for them. With 76 Mbps internet speeds the business can do much everything from video conferencing to sending a large number of files.

BT Broadband

BT over than offering sports packages to UK residents it provides broadband connections to residential houses as well as businesses. Their internet packages are super-fast, very reliable and have extensively covered the whole region with over five million hotspots. Here are their three main broadband packages that they offer.

Unlimited broadband

For micro business and small business, this will be the best option to consider since its unlimited and pocket-friendly to the business in terms of cost. It comes with up to 17 Mbps which will cost the business £4.50 a month. You will also be interested to know that BT offers online protection from malware and cyber-related crimes such as phishing through their BT Net Protect security plan. Being a BT customer has an additional advantage to your business since they also offer 100 GB cloud storage for free which a business can use to store files and other important documents.

Unlimited Infinity 1

This package is ideal for medium size businesses with speeds of up to 52 Mbps. They charge £9.50 a month which is a bit cheap compared to other internet providers with such speeds. You also get to enjoy their Netprotect security plan and 100 GB BT cloud storage.

Unlimited Infinity 2

For those large businesses with more than 10 staff and require high internet speeds, this is the package for you. The package has speeds of up to 76 Mbps which has no limit on how much the business can use. This will cost the business £25 a month. Additional free incentives that BT offers to Infinity 2 customers is 500 GB BT cloud storage and a BT Netprotect Plus security plan


Verizon is another Isp provider that has served the United kingdom people over the years. From the reviews and customer feedback, they suggest that the internet provider is reliable and also affordable. Verizon through FiOS offers businesses and individuals a super-fast fiber optic Internet. Here are some of their packages.

50/50 Mbps package

This package is perfect for micro businesses, small business and medium size businesses that are not heavy users of the internet. It will cost your business $49.99 a month for speeds of up to 50 Mbps. With such speeds, you can send emails, large files and Skype with your clients.

100/100 Mbps package

With speeds of 100 Mbps, any type of business can use this package. If your business has got 7 PC, this package can serve the seven personal computers without affecting the speed in each of them. To enjoy this package your business will be required to pay $59.99 a month.

150/150 Mbps package

This package is perfect for every business regardless of its size. With speeds of 150 Mbps, there is nothing one can’t do with such high speeds. These speeds will cost your business $ 69.99 a month.

300/300 Mbps package

This is one of their super package which is ideal for massive internet users. The speeds of up to 300 Mbps is what you get for $169.99 a month. Business with large work of up to 300 workers can subscribe to this package.

500/500 Mbps package

The ultimate package that Verizon has offers 500 Mbps for $ 269.99 a month. It’s ideal for businesses with a large workforce of more than 500 staff.

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Xnl Telcom


XNL caters for business since they understand how important it is for businesses to stay connected. They have super fast internet, offer a free email address and free setup and a router. Some of their packages are

XNL 40 basic package

The package will cost your business £6.50 for six months every month and line rental of £16.95/month. After six months you will be paying £35.45 .the package comes with speeds of up to 38 Mbps, unlimited broadband usage, multiple email addresses for your business and a free plug and play router. It’s ideal for small businesses and medium sized business as well.

XNL 40 Max package

You will be required to pay £16.50 for six months and line rental of £16.95/month. After six months period has elapsed you will be paying a total of £45.45 every month for this package. Speeds are up to 38 Mbps, and there is no limitation on how you will utilize the Internet.In addition you can make unlimited calls to any mobile or landline in the UK. The installation and set up is also free and comes with free online security as well.

XNL 80 Basic package

For just £11.50 every month in the next six months, you can enjoy 76 Mbps speeds and line rental £16.95 each month. After that, you’re required to pay £40.45 every month in this package. The package also comes with a plug and play décor which is free and multiple email accounts for your business.

XNL 80 Max package

This package will cost your business £21.50 for the next six months and £16.95 for line rental every month. After the six months, and the discount period elapses you’re required to pay £50.45 for 76 Mbps.

In addition to the internet, you will get unlimited UK landline and mobile calls, free setup and installation, and a free plug and play router.

When settling for a broadband provider analyze the terms and conditions of the contract since most of the packages are based on addition look at their geographical coverage and most importantly their customer support.

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What You Need To Do TO Start A business

What You Need To Do TO Start A business

Any great business that is successful today started out as an idea, which was later transformed into an action. When you’re starting any business, you must make lots of plans which might be operational, financial, tactical, strategic or contingency. That’s where many people who have business startup dreams start feeling overwhelmed. Though it’s a common thing to freeze up at the deluge of stuff due to the processes that must be followed to get the business started, starting off might actually be easier than you expect. However before everything else you must ask yourself, why do you want to run your own business?


So why start a business

Many people have lots of good reasons why they want to become successful entrepreneurs. You get to be the supervisor, control everything, set your own hours, benefit a cause, feel satisfied, accomplish personal fulfillment, to name a few. But these reasons have a problem since their motive is self-serving and self-centered as well. As an entrepreneur who wishes to be successful, your motive should always be directed to giving the customer some value with the product or service you’re offering. Some of the best reasons that should drive you to start a business in addition to customer value are

  1. a) You have a solution to a problem that affects the society
  2. b) You’re passionate about whatever business you want to start
  3. c) An opportunity has surfaced and can change your life
  4. d) You have a mega experience on how to do business
  5. e) You are desperate hence you’re motivated

These easy steps will guide you in the process of starting your own business.

Market research

Market research is a critical step that cannot be ignored when you’re evaluating the best business to start. Conducting an effective market research will be an opportunity for any entrepreneur to gain invaluable information about economic shifts, competitors, the success of previous products or services, demographics, needs of your target market, the current market trend and the spending traits of the people today and before. With such kind of information, you can be able to assess the viability of your business idea and make informed decisions based on the data obtained.

Write a business plan

Who builds a house without a blueprint? An entrepreneur who has the vision to establish a small business must have a business plan right from day one. A well written and thought out business plan serves as a guide especially to startups in giving clear directions and contingencies in the case of provision for the unforeseen event but also its essential in securing funding from potential investors. The best business plan for small business should be simple with an overview of what your business needs and entails. However, if you’re seeking financial funding from potential investors, your business plan need to be totally comprehensive. Below it’s an overview of a simple business plan which might get started

  • Elucidate your vision. What do you want to be the outcome of your business?
  • Elucidate your mission. What’s the business aims and values?
  • Clarify your objectives. Explain your business goals, and what the business would like to achieve
  • Outline your strategies. What action will you take to attain the goals and objectives simply what’s your game plan?
  • Design an action plan. These are the actions that must be taken on daily basis to support the goals of the business

Think about branding your business

Some of the parameters that define a business success or failure are the business name, logo and business cards.

The first impression determines the foundation of a long lasting relationship. A powerful impression has a very positive impact on the branding success of your small business. A business name has various branding, the web, and marketing implications hence you need to give it a careful consideration when making that decision. Make sure your business name transmits the right message and not only can it wow the customers, but it’s also memorable

Logos not only are they the first thing prospective customers view but also they are a critical aspect of every business when it comes to marketing. They usually influence impression within the target market since they are the business graphical representation.

Get your website.

In today’s world regardless of the nature of your business, you need a website for your small business. If you don’t have one, then you might miss numerous opportunities brought about by owning a business site. Unfortunately, many small business owners have the perception that a website is an expensive luxury meant for large enterprises yet this is the most important fundamental tool in marketing they can’t live without. Some of the advantages of having a website are; they act as an anchor in all your marketing efforts, they are the digital business brochure, they establish the credibility of your business and help you connect with new customers.

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Decide on a budget and how to raise finances

This is the area that your financial administration skills are required most. Budgets are essential in the success of every small business and they can transform a small business in terms of growth. Writing down your revenue and expenses down serves as a roadmap for building your small business, limit expenditures and as the blueprint for planning for future growth. Most entrepreneurs who have budgets are able to keep their eyes focused on their business goals.

When you’re starting a business the financial resources available might not be enough to fund all the expenses in order for the business to run smoothly. This should not be a limitation in the realization of your dreams. Fortunately, you can seek funds from potential grants, get a loan from a microfinance institution or banks, look for startup loan schemes from the government, crowdfund, or approach an angel investor.

Determine the legal structure of your business

As part of setting up a business, you need to decide what form of ownership best suits your needs. There various forms of common ownership of a business such as partnership, sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), cooperative, nonprofit or corporations. For a small business idea, the best place to start is the sole proprietorship or a partnership since it involves less paperwork and it’s easy to set up and dissolve.

Internet connection is an essential need

Today to run every business you need to establish your online presence to tap into the huge number of potential customers online who might be searching for your product or services; hence good internet connection is paramount. You also require a customized business premium email accounts that are different from personal email accounts. The best internet providers you can get in the UK and offer the best services are Sky Broadband, Virgin Media, PlusNet, Bt, EE, Talk Talk, Zen Internet, IDENT, Eclipse, and others. Check Best UK Business Internet Providers

Regulations and practical issues that you might need to know

Depending on the nature of your business if it falls under the protection of intellectual property law you should register it so that no one can claim ownership of your own invention or idea.

You also need to be familiar with the country tax law in order not to break it and not to be exploited as well. Your business regardless of how small you view it’s still eligible for insurance. Ensuring your business can come in handy some day since no one knows when a disaster might strike. Lastly remember to comply with all the laws that govern the land such as health and safety, business permits, minimum wage and others.

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