Credit for 400 Euro jobber


Whether a loan for 400 Euro Jobber has a chance of success depends on different criteria. On the one hand there is the creditworthiness, a second applicant can be taught or other collateral exists. An important credit decision also shows whether the 400 Euro job is a sideline or the main job. If the job is the main job of the loan seeker, then the financier must ask himself how he wants to raise the due credit installments for this income. An income of 400 euros is below the valid social assistance rate.

Modalities for a loan for 400 Euro Jobber

Modalities for a loan for 400 Euro Jobber

The basic loan approval is based on a positive Schufa information and incoming income. If a negative feature is listed in the Schufa, a loan seeker can assume that the loan is rejected. The majority of banks check the creditworthiness of their customers. If you forgive loans without this exam, you should not be surprised if the due installments fail after a short time. A side job is only recognized for borrowing if it has been longer than six months. There must also be an employment contract and an income statement. The bank then calculates the 400 Euro job with the main income. If both incomes are above the seizure limit, then there is the prospect of a loan approval. Online banks offer favorable conditions for a loan for 400 Euro Jobber – as additional income.

Credit for 400 Euro jobber – the sole income

Credit for 400 Euro jobber - the sole income

If you only have a job that earns 400 euros per month, you have problems with lending because income does not reach the attachment limit. In such cases, a solvent guarantor or a co-applicant can fulfill the loan request. The guarantor stands with his signature in the liability if there are problems in the repayment of the loan. However, banks also provide conditions to a guarantor. This must have a correspondingly high income, he must not have a negative feature in the Schufa and must prove a permanent job. In addition, the guarantor must be aware that he will be held accountable if the borrower can no longer service his credit.

More options for a loan for a 400 Euro Jobber

loan for a 400 Euro

Anyone who wants to buy a new TV or a laptop, does not get a loan due to his financial circumstances, can look around in the trade. Electronic stores arrange these purchases, since the devices serve as security, they are up to the payment property of the business. Installments with local merchants are sometimes offered with an income of 380 euros. The customer should know, however, that this granted credit in kind is also registered in the Schufa, as long as the rates are paid.


A loan for 400 Euro Jobber should really only be taken if it can not be avoided. Also in view, if this 400 Euro job is the only source of income. If the salary in the mini-job transferred to an account, there may be the possibility of the granting of a small Dispo-credit.

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