Credit without cost

Many consumers in Germany have noted negative entries in their Schufa. This has a negative impact especially when credit needs arise. All German banks carry out a Schufa inquiry for a loan commitment. If these negative features are displayed, the loan is rejected. Nevertheless, there is an alternative to this precarious situation. The loan without cost and without Schufa can help out of financial distress.

The loan without cost

The benefits of a loan without pre-charge and without Schufa are obvious, it is not obtained Schufa information, nor are credit data reported to the Schufa. This form of credit is only handled through credit agencies. The financial service providers offer foreign loans, while the money comes from Switzerland. It is difficult to apply for Swiss credit directly from one of the banks in Switzerland, hence the services of the credit intermediaries. The credit agencies are offered over the internet and can be applied for online. Before you decide on a provider, the offers should be compared exactly.

Because even under reputable credit intermediaries are here and there to find dubious business people. If a credit intermediary chosen by the interested party demands prepaid or prepayment or even makes the loan commitment dependent on insurance contracts or home savings contracts, then this mediator should not be given the contract. But due to the warnings in the media, most intermediaries work quite seriously and provide a loan without any cost and without Schufa.


The borrower’s commission will be charged only after the loan has been paid. If a loan is not granted for special reasons, a credit intermediary can not charge any costs. A loan seeker should pay attention to a free and non-binding loan offer. A reputable agent will submit the offer to the applicant within a short time after receiving the credit request.

The conditions for a credit without advance costs

The conditions for a credit without advance costs

If a trustworthy credit intermediary has found himself and has submitted his loan offer to the applicant, the intermediary will request certain documents. Although no Schufa query is made, but the creditworthiness of the customer is thoroughly checked and indeed on the basis of salary statements. This also includes a copy of the employment contract, which may not be limited in time and should have been in existence for at least one year. In addition, the income must be above the attachment exemption limit.

The loan amounts are limited. 3,500 euros and 5,000 euros depending on the credit rating. For a single person who wants to apply for a € 5,000 loan, the net income must be € 1,600. Since the income is usually the only credit insurance, also a wage assignment must be signed. Therefore, these loans place great value on the correct repayment of the loan amount. If a payment default occurs, the garnishment is carried out.

Also, the loan seeker should make sure that all relevant data is noted in the written offer. These are the loan amount, the installment amount, the term and also the annual percentage rate and the brokerage fee for the loan brokerage. A loan without pre-cost and without Schufa can certainly be conveyed seriously considering the rules mentioned.

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