Where To Find Cheap office space in the UK


Every business at some point requires a physical address for the purpose of credibility. Looking for great value cheap office space can be a tedious and frustrating process. When searching for a cheap but ideal office space here are some few tips to guide along in your cause.

Look for a traditional unfurnished office rental on a long-term lease since it’s cheap or go for the sharing option

When searching for an affordable office space look at the ones available away from city centers and in a developing area

Look for a smaller space for the office since the smaller the space, the cheaper it gets

Eliminate what you don’t need in the office like kitchens, rooms with views showers and other luxuries.


This remarkable city has undergone a regeneration of economic renaissance due to the huge investments channeled to its development amounting to more than 3 billion pounds. Due to this economic rebirth, the city has witnessed a dramatic revival with the increase in commercial properties available for rent and a growing commercial district. Regardless of the economic boom Liverpool still remains one of the cheapest places to run your business and secure a cheap retail space in the UK. As a business person you might get worried by the state of transport infrastructure but worry no more since the city is well connected by road, air, rail and port. In addition to that skilled labor is available which is relatively cheaper than other cities. This city is a perfect place to rent an office and has good signs of great future ahead.


London is the heart of United Kingdom since it’s the city where international business is carried out and has more than 8.7 million residents. Globally the city is the fifth largest economy. Everything is located In London from infrastructure to very skilled human resource staff making it the most attractive city in the United Kingdom to set up a business. Although there is high demand for offices in the city which in turn leads to high prices of office space you can still get cheap office space for your business irrespective of the type office you require. Whether is west London East London or any other part of the city you will find office space ranging from £90 and above depending on the type of office.

Edinburgh Central

This the capital city of Scotland and a sanctuary of wonderful architecture which have earned it the status of World Heritage Site. Conducting your business in this magnificent city would be a wise idea since it’s one of the fastest developing and most productive cities in the United Kingdom. It’s a hub for nearly all sectors of the economy ranging from financial services, technology and software, creative industry, tourism and others. Renting a retail space in this city depending on the nature of the office whether serviced or unserviced would cost you an estimate of £75+ per month.

Birmingham  City

Positioned at the center of England and connected to the rest of United Kingdom by the good transport links Birmingham is ideal for any is not only the second most populous city in the UK but also it holds position nine in Europe as most populous. In this city, you will find cheap office space to rent on flexible leases. There are also high-end serviced offices, single desks and shared offices hence catering everyone’s needs. You might wonder why consider Birmingham over London? The truth is Birmingham offers everything that you will get in London from networking opportunities, good business environment to international city surroundings. Another great advantage of renting an office in this area it’s because things are comparatively cheap compared to London yet it’s just a 2-hour drive to London.


If you travel North West of Birmingham, a district by the name Cannock is located there. Here you will have many choices when it comes to renting a cheap office space for your business needs. If you hate big cities with lots of traffic, then Cannock will serve you well since it’s a bit green and offers more space.So why choose Cannock? There are various perfect reasons such as its just 20 miles from Birmingham, has good transport network and it’s a medium sized town with all the facilities that you require in it. The office space options available range from cheap desk rental, traditional unfurnished office, shared offices to serviced offices. With good internet access, you can book an office space online in Cannock.

Brierley Hill

This town as well is witnessing economic regeneration hence there is an availability of cheap office space for rent. The town is heavily industrialized, a commercial center and a business hub. Brierley Hill in relation to other towns it’s strategically positioned since its just 3 closer to central Dudley and Stourbridge. The office options available in this area range from executive serviced office spaces, cheap, flexible desks to traditional unfurnished office space.


The town is positioned in the heart of Midlands in the Staffordshire district of Lichfield. Fazeley offers businesses or individuals who are looking for a cheap office space a rental opportunity. This area has rich industrial history and its ideal for any type of business. The office options available are shared offices, serviced offices and traditional unfurnished spaces.

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