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A loan for the driver’s license is the heart’s desire of many students and trainees. Completely unproblematic is the wish fulfillment not always. What options exist for credit for the driver’s license, so the article is divided.

Driver License Loan – Offers for Driving School Credit


A loan for the driver’s license is increasingly being offered through driving schools. However, the credit requirements can only be met by people who are in normal working life. Provided a minimum income above the seizure limits, also a clean Schufa and of course the age of majority. Conditions to which nobody should conclude a loan with about 10 percent APR.

Cheaper are the small loans from the Internet. Already well below 5 percent APR are possible today, with interest-rate-independent interest rates. A current loan comparison of possible offers is deposited in this entry. But not only an installment loan can be a good strategy to be able to pay for the driver’s license.

Without high credit for driver’s license

Without high credit for driver

A driver’s license does not cost the same amount of money everywhere. The offers of driving schools should therefore be compared as critically as credit offers. According to a study, a car driving license, with 25 driving hours, can cost in Germany 1,200 euros or about 2,500 euros. If you compare critically, you can reduce your budget by half.

The desire for the driver’s license does not come overnight. Nobody has to do the driving license within 14 days in a holiday driving school. The training usually takes several months. The learning can be done so relaxed by the way. Anyone who registers long-term, makes regular partial payments, has already paid most of the costs for the exam date. Who saves purposefully, does not require a loan for the driver’s license until the examination.

Only the exam fees, together with the last intensive driving lessons, really expensive. Even a trainee has a dispo of a few hundred euros. In most cases, the scope of payment, even with low income, is sufficient to pay the fees.

Driver’s license credit with bad credit rating


A driving license loan is not a high loan amount. Those who do not rush through the exam can handle a loan of 1,000 euros – 1,500 euros. If no commercial loan provider can be found even for this small amount of credit, then the private credit market can offer opportunities.

The loan is offered by private investors via various major Internet portals. Market leaders are currently auxmoney and Smava (Link: . Both portals work on a system reminiscent of an online auction. The loan request is published on the portal, private investors can bid. If a sufficient number of bids have been received and accepted on a loan request, the loan will become ready for rationing.

Credit lines up to 75,000 euros (smava) can be financed. Small loan sums, as they are necessary as a loan for the driver’s license, which can be financed, from private, usually quite quickly.

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