Where Can I Get a Loan Online in 15 Minutes?

In advertising of many loan companies the slogan ” loan in 15 minutes ” often falls. However, this does not always mean that you can get money to your bank account in such a short time.

This is due to the fact that the process of obtaining a loan has several stages – not everything takes a moment. However, when choosing the right offer, you can actually receive money within 15 minutes.

Stages of receiving an online loan

Stages of receiving an online loan

Before the loan application turns into the crediting of our account, we have to pass the following path as clients:

  • going to the website of the selected company and specifying the loan you want to apply for;
  • registration and confirmation of data (if we have not previously borrowed in a given company and we do not have a customer account there – otherwise you do not need to register, all you need to do is log in and submit your application);
  • verification of the application by the company (checking whether the borrower meets the required criteria / testing the creditworthiness);
  • requesting a loan withdrawal if the application is accepted.

The most common problem in obtaining a loan in 15 minutes is to verify the data and receive a transfer to your account – in some cases it may take up to 1-2 business days.

Can you verify your data in a few minutes?

Can you verify your data in a few minutes?

As it was mentioned a moment ago, if we want to apply for a loan in a given company for the first time, it is necessary to register and confirm your data. While filling out the form in which we provide your personal data and determining what loan you want to apply is simple and quick, the issue of data verification is a bit problematic. Why?

Verification transfers are most often used for authentication. It depends on the fact that the selected bank account of the lender should be transferred with a specific title of payment (the amount of the transfer is usually in the amount of 1 grosz).

In this way, your data is confirmed, and the amount from the loan will be sent to the account from which the transfer was made.

Each loan company has accounts in several banks. The problem begins when the lender has no bank on the list of available bills – then the transfer will certainly not take place in 15 minutes or the like, and thus the loan payment will not be ordered immediately – the whole may extend up to 2 days working hours (it will not be a “loan in 15 minutes”).

It is also worth paying attention to working hours and processing applications – it is rare for a company to pay loans in 24/7 mode. Naturally, the company checks selected registers – obtaining a loan may depend on the hours in which the selected register is available.

Which companies pay money in 15 minutes?

Which companies pay money in 15 minutes?

What if we want to have a guarantee of receiving money expressly? It is worth using the companies that offer an alternative way of data verification (without transfer, just a special application and logging in to your bank account – more about this method here ). Some companies pay loans with quick online payments – they are often booked within a few minutes, 24 hours a day.

If you want to quickly find out where you have a chance to get a loan in 15 minutes – be sure to check the table with company offers on the subpage of loan offers (table at the very bottom of the page). You can also look at the comparison of the cost of loans in the comparison engine.

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